The standard countertop height in the kitchen for renovation is something you don’t need to look at on a daily basis. Bathroom and kitchen Countertop height requirement is based on your own personal needs.

When you making a decision for your home first you should need to consider your own family requirements. Here is the countertop height that will fit perfectly in your kitchen and bathroom. First, you need to read this article fully.

Standard Countertop Height

The average standard countertop height for the kitchen is 36 inches (3 feet) above the floor. Clubs and Bars tables countertop height is 42 inches (3 feet 6 inches) from the top of the countertop.

The standard Dining Table height is in the range of 28 to 30 inches tall from the ground.

Standard Counter Height

AreaStandard Countertop Height
Kitchen36 inches (3 feet)
Clubs And Bars Table Height42 inches (3 feet 6 inches)
Dining Table Height28 to 30 inches
Standard Counter Height

What is the Standard Countertop Height for Bathroom

Traditionally the bathroom countertop height in older homes is 30 (2 feet 6 inches) to 32 inches (2 feet 8 inches).

Now in modern homes, the countertop height for the bathroom is 36 inches (91.44 cm) up from the floor. Most of the bathroom vanity cabinet height is in a range of 32 to 36 inches.

AreaStandard Countertop Height
Older Homes Bathroom30  to 32 inches
Modern Home Bathroom36 inches (91.44 cm)
Bathroom vanity cabinet height32 to 36 inches
Standard Countertop Height Bathroom

Stones and Wood Countertop Thickness

Normally the countertop stone thickness is in the range of 1.900 cm (3/4 inches) to 6.35 cm (2 1/2 inches) it totally depends upon the countertop material.

The wood countertop thickness range is 3.81 cm (1/2 inches) to 5.08 cm (2 inches).

If your countertop material is natural stone then its height is 90.805 cm (34 1/2 inches) up from the floor.

Either you have a wood countertop for your kitchen the block size of the wood countertop is 36 inches and its thickness is 1 1/2 inches.

Commercial Countertop Thickness

Commerical countertop thickness is in the range of 1.2, 2, and 3 cm thick. Unusually 1.2 cm countertop comes in the cheapest countertop options.

The best countertop option is 2cm and 3 cm because of the vast majority uses these range thickness of the countertop and it offers the most durability, color options, and size flexibility.

Also, a 2cm and 3cm countertop material will go directly on the top of the cabinet without the use of plywood as support.

Countertop Height for Tall Person

When you finalizing your kitchen countertop height make sure first to look at your needs like if you are a tall person then you will need to go with a good countertop height around 36 to 40 inches up from the floor as per your requirements.

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Proper Upper Cabinet Height for the Kitchen

Standard Counter Height

The normal distance of the upper wall cabinets in the kitchen is 18 to 20 inches above the countertop.

With, the standard cabinet height from the floor is in the range of 54 (4 feet 6 inches) to 56 inches (4 feet 8 inches). The standard upper cabinet should be 30 inches tall and 12 inches deeper.

For any small person, it would be difficult to reach the uppermost shelves.

Then they need a step tool to reach the uppermost shelves. So this depends upon you how much height you will need for your kitchen cabinets.

Everyone does not like to go outside for groceries every day so this is a tall unit cabinet that is used for storing a large number of groceries.

This is not a refrigerator but it looks the same as a refrigerator. If your family is big and in your home there is extra space for this tall unit cabinet so this is a good option for your kitchen cabinet.

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Standard Counter Height

Few Things to Consider When Deciding the Countertop Height For Kitchen And Bathroom

I know there are lots of efforts you are giving to getting your own house as per your needs.

Here are a few things that you need to consider when deciding the countertop height for the kitchen and bathroom. Because these things will not happen on daily basis in your life.

  1. Do you want to sell your home? If you are planning to sell or give on the rent your home you need to consider few things. I personally give you a piece of advice don’t be add or subtract any inches on your kitchen and bathroom because it directly affects you in the future. You can go with the traditional standard countertop heights for the kitchen and bathroom.
  2. This is yours forever home? This is your forever home you will go with as per your needs also your family requirements. First, Ask from your constructor to be sure is it ok in your state or not.
  3. Special Needs? We all have some special needs in our life. Like if in your family all people are tall then they need some more countertop height in the kitchen and bathroom.

Proper Cabinets For Bathroom

The standard bathroom cabinet from the wall to the face of the cabinet is 21 inches. Sometimes the cabinet size will be less because of the small bathroom. The cabinet size can differ according to the size of the bathroom and your requirements.

standard counter height


When making a decision for your house, you should first consider your own family’s needs. Because all families have their own special needs.

From deciding the standard counter height for your kitchen or bathroom make sure to have a discussion with your contractor. Also, see from the future perspective so that you don’t regret it later because of all these things.